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Jukebox/Mp3 player

riversangel 4 years ago updated by helbojelbo 3 years ago 3 7 duplicates

In V5 we had a music player/Jukebox. Could we have one for V6 please?

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It is possible to add music/playlists to your site using our apps which use 3rd party services such as Soundcloud. At the moment there is no plan to build our own Jukebox feature, but we will certainly consider it if there is more demand for this feature and we see that votes increase for this.

Hi, I completely agree, I need an audio player too.  The non-Soundcloud solutions out there are paid for, or you have a third-party commercial embedded which plays before your track.  Audio is my business and the sole reason for my site and for me the Soundcloud players are just too big as I need four or more on my home page.  Please Moonfruit can you make a widget for this available in the library? It isn't time-consuming to do and only requires basic coding.  Thanks!