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Background video doesn't display on mobile

emmajanedixon 3 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 1

Rebuilt a clients' website in responsive and got it looking really smart with a 'background' video as the first item on the homepage so it doesn't have all the youtube gubbins around it. It previewed fine (on all the device preview options) but now i have launched the page, the video does not show on mobile. Now I don't know whether to leave it as a gap on mobile, or to embed it using the HTML snippet or use the video function - but this displays all the youtube stuff. When will a background video display on mobile?

Future consideration

Hi. Currently we don't display video backgrounds on mobile due to potential performance issues, however, you are correct in saying that the preview mode should at least reflect that to make it clear. Based on your feedback, I have advised that we should look into giving the option for users to choose if the video plays on mobile but also at least reflect the behaviour correctly in preview mode and make it clearer how you can choose a fallback image that will display instead.

At the moment, if you also set a background image, this image will display on mobile instead of the video. Thanks for your comments!