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Font size etc controls could be easier

emmajanedixon 3 years ago updated by AMJ 1 year ago 5 1 duplicate

If you are trying to set a particular font size, the slider often makes it difficult, especially if you have a trackpad on your laptop. Please can you make it so that you can also just type in the font size if you know what size you wan ti to be?

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Future consideration

We have had a couple of users raise this point, so we will consider this. Thanks for your comment.

Agree this would make life a lot easier


I agree this function is a must. The slider makes get the exact font size a pain, as the accuracy of the slider is not very good. I would also like the ability of Bold, Italic etc to come up in the right hand menu under text instead of when you double click the text. This would make it a whole lot easier to navigate in a hurry.

Generally more and easier control over fonts is much, much needed.

I not this has been an issue for over a year and still no change.  The sliders are so temperamental, jumping in huge increments, when you do finally get the size you want, when you release the mouse, the slider jumps again.  Please, don't just consider adding the option to type a point size, spacer size, etc., implement it as a matter of high importance.  I'm not sure you want to reduce your users to actually screaming, which is how I feel right now!