Not planned

Switching ON/OFF of responsive layout on each page individually

joefranchi 3 years ago updated by Ryan Lampe 2 years ago 2

Would be great to be able to switch off responsive option on certain pages while still have the functionality the 'Responsive Beta' provides while uploading. I.e. I would prefer that the main page doesn't change the layout depending on the device screen as it looks better in full size.

Not planned

Hi. This isn't something that we would be looking to do because responsive pages help address the usability issues that can occur when browsing a site on mobile devices (which in return has SEO/ranking benefits) and this is what we created them for. If a page on your site does not collapse and adapt to fit the size of the screen it is being viewed on, this could negatively impact your site visitors experience and your search engine ranking!

If you are having issues with the layout of your page on mobile/tablets, we are finishing up some work to allow you to make basic changes for the mobile view which might help with that. You can follow the thread about this here.

Thanks :)