Image gallery editing control

htooze 3 years ago updated by sixhuskies 3 years ago 4


Would it be possible to add a feature which allows for more control on the image gallery, please? At present uploads on landscape images (and clicking keep aspect ratio) means there are large gaps between each row of images. This is not space efficient and looks appalling. Failing that, could you update the image gallery opportunities, please? Images are a huge selling point on certain websites in specific sectors and your singular gallery is outdated and unimaginative. I am aware I can do html widgets to create galleries through other sites, however, this would mean removing all the images to another site and I don't have time. Furthermore, I am paying you for space I would like to facilitate. 




Thanks for passing on your feedback. Just to clarify, you'd like to be able to control the padding/spacing between the images in the gallery? And we do intend on adding more gallery styles. What sort of gallery styles would you be hoping for? 


Yes, specifically the padding on the top and bottom of the images. Great news regarding more gallery styles. I look forward to that. It would be great to have a gallery that would allow for headings within the gallery so that images can be uploaded into different categories. Also, different shapes and options on the thumbnails would be fantastic, or just having the power to alter those kind of specifics. 

Do you have any idea how long it will be befor new image galleries will be released? Just so I can look out for them. :) 

We are not working on new gallery styles right now, so there is no estimate yet unfortunately. It is on our list of things we would like to do, though :)

If you have links to examples of the type of style you think would be good, I can pass those examples on for consideration.

I would like to be able to control the vertical spacing between the gallery thumbnails (like the V6 gallery) I can add the horizontal spacing fine in the responsive editor but I would actually like my images closer together. This website https://www.falcke.co.uk/figures/ is an example although they are not lightbox images, the spacing is fairly narrow.