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itinsite1 3 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 1

I've recently started using the blog facility on one of my sites and find this very frustrating.  For example you get two different edit screens, with different functionality, depending on whether you opt to edit via 'dashboard' or via 'edit post'!! 

Basically the blog needs to have full edit capability as for any normal page and at the moment it doesn't.  Further, nearly all the entries on this forum are about a year old.

Mooinfruit, please give us all a progress report on what your plans are to bring full functionality to your blog.  You are way behind the functionality of, for example, Wordpress.

Not planned

Hi, We are looking at a more advanced blog feature for responsive pages, however this is currently on hold. I'd suggest you follow this thread: http://feedback.moonfruit.com/forums/1-feedback/topics/318-responsive-blog/