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Add Phone Number to purchases

velarosa 3 years ago updated by Moonfruit 3 years ago 1

- Customers need to be able to add their phone numbers when making a purchase via the shop so you can contact them or to add their number to tracking website so they can be contacted.

- You should also be able to add a delivery address different from billing address and

- Select a date required if necessary.

In Progress

Hi, The new Shoprocket integration for responsive pages will allow customers to add a phone number at checkout. They will also be able to set both a delivery and billing address. Regarding the date, do you mean setting a delivery date? There is not a specific option for this, however as a workaround you could use shipping options to create the same result i.e 3 working days: £x, 4 working days: £x, etc.

This integration is due to be released very soon. You can follow this thread for updates: http://feedback.moonfruit.com/forums/1-feedback/topics/303-responsive-shop-function/