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Inserting lines within page

georgeh01 2 years ago updated by Moonfruit 2 years ago 2

I like the 'pages' dialogue to add/delete lines in a page. However for things like News Items, it is useful to have the latest at the top of a page. Is it possible to add a feature to the 'insert dialogue' to insert/delete lines within a page. That is all objects after a certain point are moved down (or up)  by x number of lines, so the new stuff can be inserted.

At the moment, you have to manually move all objects downwards below your insert point.

Would it be that difficult considering you have the Y coordinates of all the objects in the list.

I would keep the 'pages' dialogue so the user is aware of the maximum size of pages and not try to be too clever.

Hi, This is not planned for V6. In the responsive editor however you can insert content above another line which automatically moves the current content down.