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Allow content to migrate / copy easily to another platform or website builder

DMarshall 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 7

Allow content to migrate / copy easily to another platform or website builder. So that people who want to move don't have to re do all the work again. 

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Do you have an example of this or could you give details on what would be useful - a way to download all uploaded files in one go, for example?

Hi, I am not an expert at what needs to happen I am afraid. Basically, i want the flexibility to move the website content and set out to another platform. I already have the files and copy saved, so i would not need to download it al, again. Ultimately, I want to move the content, without having to do all the work again. I realise companies use different software, but i am am told this can be possible.  Would this need to be in code? Regards, Dionne 

Not planned

Hi, Our website code isn't directly translatable to other platforms as is such with most DIY website builders on the marketplace. Even for those claiming to provide the export feature, the code may not provide the site in a format where it is importable to another platform without manipulating. Whilst we provide access for you to download your website content via the File Manager, a complete export tool isn't something we look to explore in the future I'm afraid.

Hi there did you find a solution 

Hi Lisa, Sadly no. I needed to have the layout editable instantly, when copied over, but most people said it was impossible and the nearest they could do was transfer the layout over as it was , but when i wanted to edit any of the content i would have to redo that bit. So essentially, not a total start from scratch if you just wanted to get something over quickly. These guys may be helpful, https://pixeltogether.com -  they said they could cut the data over, so my be able to do it for you, good luck with it x

thanks appreciate this. , what a mess  , I will check that company out, 

yer a total mess ! Good luck with it x