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Responsive Really

mrengie 2 years ago updated by Moonfruit 2 years ago 1

I’m experiencing some really very annoying issues with the new responsive templates and the editor;


  • Why have you chosen to use a ‘grey’ font in the editor – it’s really very hard to see and find what you’re looking for.
  • Dropping sections is so confusing with the reducing screen, the beta version was a hundred times better
  • It take several very frustrating attempts to ‘drop’ elements into the sections
  • Takes an age and numerous attempts to drag elements to other sections
  • Pages, Sections, Elements etc were easier to use and find when they were at the bottom of the page, with them now on the left reduces the visibility of the screens working view
  • Why is the logout button hided
  • And very slow for responsive

Must say I was very excited with the beta responsive set up but I’m very very disappointed with what’s been rolled out. Why, oh why ? And here I am typing away again in GREY