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DMarshall 2 years ago updated by anonymous 1 year ago 4

IMPROVE the functionality of the  'ELEMENTS & SECTIONS' DRAG & DROP | Jan 15 18

The latest update of the responsive editor has resulted in the sections / elements having reduced functionality

Mac | Chrome

ISSUES | Via drag and drop

- Can be tricky to add a section

- Difficulty adding an element into a section (e.g image into a section) 

- Difficulty moving an element around other elements (e.g moving an Image within a column, above a divider line )

- Difficulty adding an element between other elements  (e.g adding a spacer in between 2 images) 

The previous versions before drag and drop (with +add sections\ elements) was easier to work

Thanks in advance

I can provide a video


Under Review

Hi, Thanks for your feedback on the updated editing experience. It would be great if you could elaborate in what difficulty you have when performing these actions in-editor, please feel free to provide a video if you can.

Ok, shall I do that through the 'conversations' screen & link back to this ?

Sure, that's fine. :)