Adding Members to Admin

martinw_g 2 years ago updated by anonymous 2 months ago 4

Members feaure that was in V6 of the editor but has been removed for the responsive editor, I have a customer that wants to add pictures to her new website but I can't allow her to do this without giving her my login details, I can't set up a separate members account for her under the new editor, frustrating when the old editor could do this, why has it been removed and not replaced along with other features? I've seen a thread on this from over a year ago, why hasn't it been done?

I've raised this too, but get the impression nobody is listening since their response was as dismissive as directing me to this forum. Well, as that's what they want and I'm here I may as well comment. Moonfruit used to be easy and friendly to deal with. It seems that since they introduced responsive web sites, they've become unresponsive to users. Such a pity, as I think they've done a lot of good work in getting the responsive platform to where it is but now they just seem incapable of taking advice and help from people that use the software. We are willing and able to direct them towards the missing ingredients that are needed for a really great web builder, but they just will not open up their ears. Allowing clients to log in and edit their own sites is an absolute basic - self editing sites are the very platform moonfruit was designed for after all, so to not have it available after all this time is nuts. Don't expect it anytime soon though - as I said, when I politely asked how long the facility might be arriving they directed me here rather than give me a proper answer.

yeah completely agree, have since moved onto another website builder, the extent of the customer service/advice from moonfruit was basically you can’t add new members/clients and Paswords for them and we can’t put your website back to the old editor, we also have no idea when we will be adding new features, and they expect people to keep paying a monthly fee for the privilege? Have moved onto another website/editor which is slightly more expensive but does 5x what moonfruit even used to be able to do, sad to see as I was very happy with moonfruit but all they did again was direct me here too and then they do nothing but ignore comments and questions and say they’re working on it, some of these features were requested over a year ago and considering they charge a monthly fee that’s a complete joke to be honest, if it’s possible for you I’d go somewhere else