d.horn1 2 years ago updated by Urban Exploring With James 2 years ago 2

Having problems my Moonfruit Website, its slow and laborious uploading pictures.

When I try to email Moonfruit on the Contact Page it continually says Error try again later. Is there any other way I can contact moonfruit? Getting a bit disillusioned with Moonfruit tbh

Contacting Moonfruit is still not possible. It says: "recaptcha v1 is shutdown". When you try to send your message the result is "There has been an error. Please try again later.". Someone reported this 2 months ago!

So Moonfruit seems to use inoperational captcha -system. Have you guys not wondered why nobody contacts you anymore?

Please fix it asap.

Good luck. I try the chat support with them and I can see it says they've "seen" my message, 12 hours later no response to my simple question. This happens non-stop. Their support is absolutely terrible. As soon as I can find a way to get the stuff off of my websites on Moonfruit I do believe I'm moving over to Wix or another host and builder. This is just no way to treate paying customers.