Formal Complaints - Contact Email

DMarshall 2 years ago updated by anonymous 9 months ago 3

Hi guys, I have tried and failed to find out a contact email to directly complain about the Moonfruit  tools, service & communication. I would like to raise a formal complaint (for what it is worth) . My support chat is 'un seen' 5 days later, the contact form on the MF site is using outdated software (capatch not working) so wont send my enquiry and the chat window at yell, doesnt even know who moon fruit is and tells me to google them. An no doubt this will be ' on moderation' for an eternity -  Says it all really - thanks 

You're not going to get a response. I ask simple questions in chat and it takes 2 days to even get a response. When I do they respond a sentence and then literally disappear for another two days. I couldn't even make this stuff up.

In all fairness , i did get a reply. 

 I have partially copied from the reply. So things may get better .... I live in hope ... 

  • We acknowledge your comment with regard to proactive communication on new releases and fixes. You should start getting updates within the next 30-35 days as we finalize the ETAs for some of the activities.

Just want to reassure you that all of our teams are working very hard to bring back our momentum. The intermediate period of hiccups has left us with a lot of inertia to overcome. While it is obvious that we will not be able to show results in a day or two, I assure you that you will yourself start to notice improvements in the coming months.