Hi Moonfruit, I would really really appreciate these features to be added to Moonfruit.

just4beats1 2 years ago updated by EthelObrien 2 years ago 1

Hi Moonfruit,

I love the way Moonfruit works and I am happy to continue using Moonfruit and have done

for nearly 10 years.

I feel this feature below would help users make better website designs. I think this would be a massive feature that you could add so that users can make better website designs.


- Ability to have more than 1 page master so that I can select different page masters for different webpages. Having this ability would help users create much better website designs. (At the moment you only allow 1 main page master/ full page image). I would really appreciate it if I can have multiple page masters that I can select for any webpage to create better website designs.

I have created this website below.


I had to have the same length webpages to make this design work so that the page footer would look correct which was frustrating. I also had to change the image on each webpage and fade it in on each webpage to make my design work. 

If I could change the full page master for each webpage I would be able to have different sized webpages for this design and also have a different full screen webpage on each page.

If you could add this feature below it would be massively helpful.

Hope your all good at Moonfruit.

Thanks for all you do. 

Kind regards,