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PayPal 'Gold' standard webshop or supplier

murraysmithassociates 4 years ago updated by Moonfruit 4 years ago 1

Those websites that use PayPal will know that PayPal have a disputes process and 'Resolution' centre. Some webshops have multiple disputes open. Those webshops or businesses are less reliable then, than those that have none. It would be a great idea for Moonfruit/Sitemaker to work with PayPal to produce a button or certificate for 'Trusted Seller' status that can be embedded into the front of a website. (It could simply be a link to the mechanism/code within PayPal) This would allow prospective clients of that webshop to see if the website was an 'Excelent, Good, Average or Poor website as rated by PayPal. If PayPal didn't want to indicate poor suppliers, it could just be then a Gold standard supplier. Just a thought.