Point Domain to Moonfruit Site

eric 2 years ago updated by anonymous 11 months ago 13

I have my domain and email at Hostgator.com  I have a website on Moonfruit.  I need to point the domain to Moonfruit.  I read the Moonfruit article and talked to support at Hostgator. 

According to Hostgator after creating the A (apex) record to point to Moonfruit, I will need Moonfruit to have a CNAME to point the email back to Hostgator.  I can't find any documentation on this.  I tried to send a message to Moonfruit for help via their contact form but the form is broken.

Help appreciated.

HI Eric, how did you  go,  other moonfruiters chatting about whats going on, your not the only one being ignored 


NEVER was able to contact Moonfruit.  Their contact form is broken.  It uses captcha ver 1 and and no longer works.  So you can't send via the ONLY contact method offered.  Well, except Facebook, where they are also unresponsive.

Since I could get NO assistance I rebuilt my site with another builder I use, Xara Web Designer, and published at my Hostgator hosting account.  I can't say enough bad about MF.  I have an older plan which is a good deal but not if the service is completely non-supported.  I will be moving those other sites during this year.  Hibu and Yell are despicable companies and have obviously pushed that culture to Moonfruit.