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JamesBrown 2 years ago updated by Priyansh Gupta 7 months ago 2

Hello everyone,

In the recent days, we have publicized our store locator application which allows you to build your own locators like store locator or place locator and we thought it might be a great idea to share it with your community.

Thanks to the Nearplace you can create better locator than Google Maps within 5 minutes for totally free without any view limits. Also, no credit card is required.

It might really help you to manage your physical stores on the internet.

There is a possibility to add a store locator through a JavaScript generated in our SaaS.

People who are interested in 90-days trial with our paid add-ons(worth 300$), please send me a private message. 

Demo: https://demo.nearplace.com/on-page/locator.html

Live examples: https://blalockmeat.com/index.php/locations

Registration: https://admin.nearplace.com/register/

Hopefully you enjoy my idea.


James from Nearplace

Hello James,

Interested.  How do I reply privately?