Editing on a ipad

Lee 2 years ago updated by Lisa J 2 years ago 1

Is there anything in the pipeline that will let us edit our website on a mobile device, this is a prominent feature on other web making sites and these days is essential to be able to make them changes instantly on the move. For example I’m now on holiday without my laptop and need to make a change to my site, if there was facility I could make the 2 minute change, but at the moment I have to wait a week to make that adjustment when I’m back at home.

I’ve been with moonfruit for years now but unfortunately I’m having to seriously look at other options if this is not a future addition.

I guess they are uncontactable ? moonfruit awful people, so many issues , we have created a facebook , group outside of this incase any issues we can group together as you know they are closing right ?