Open External Link in a new window doesn't work if it's a sub page

Katherine Luxton 2 years ago updated by Lisa J 2 years ago 5

If you add an external link to the Nav Bar and select for it to open in a new window, it does just that - only if the page is a top-level link.  If you place it as a sub-page, the link always opens in the same window.  Please can this be fixed?

I guess they are uncontactable ? moonfruit awful people, so many issues , we have created a facebook , group outside of this incase any issues we can group together as you know they are closing right ?



what do you mean they are closing?

basically they have been brought by yell and are going to be clown moonfruit, is your contact form working ?   people have spoke to yell staff  etc.. thats whys stuff like the SSL certificate etc has not happened , that  extra fb page was closed incase they shut this

you can see from reviews all over the net whats happening to people sites,