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Bring back visible site visitor counters

dreamerwins 5 years ago updated by anonymous 1 year ago 11 1 duplicate

It used to be so easy to add a counter for people like me who have no idea how to find a suitable counter, and upload it to our site, but with the new sites they are not available. I use moonfruit because i dont have to worry about knowing the technical stuff. Providing visible counters again would be so helpful.

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Future consideration

I'd also like to see the counter also, I know how to add a third party counter but i'm yet to find a good one !!

please bring it back

Would also like to see the counter return, please. Makes it so much easier to see your visitors at a glance.

Hi all,

Are you wanting a counter that will display on your site because you want other site visitors to be able to see this, or are you looking for a site counter that will simply allow you to see how many hits your site is getting, personally. (Or both?)

So other visitors can see how many times your site is viewed. If I want to know how many visitors I have, I view it on the moonfruit.com site.

Hi, I Would Really like to see a site counter 3rd party ones are really inaccurate. The old ones on when sitemaker began worked a treat.

Any news on this?


Hi. new updates regarding this yet, but we are noting the fact that it is quite highly requested on this forum. Offering more stats and website insights in general is something we hope to do. 


I would also add my name to the comments above, a visible site counter would be a valuable addition, especially as a charity page.  The third party ones are extremely inaccurate (346 versus actual over 13,500+).

Please bring back this feature.

Can i also request a visible site counter ,its great for myself and  visitors to see how many hits the site has


Hi - may I bring up the suggestion again of bringing back site counters. This is one of the sad losses in upgrading my website to the latest version. I had a very good tally on one of my websites, which is now completely lost to view.