Future consideration

Stock number available visible to visitors

fluffyretreat 5 years ago updated by katie sams 2 years ago 2

Could we please have an option to show how many of each item are available to visitors in the web shop. At the moment it just shows whether it is available "in stock" or not "out of stock" but people do not know if they can buy more than 1 at a time! Please can you add a feature so that they visitors can see how many of each item is in stock.


Future consideration

Hi Fluffyretreat & Moonfruit team. Yes that is a good idea for many people, but if put in place, it MUST be a feature you can decide to opt in or out of. The reason being is that I offer quite a lot of items that I know would only sell three times a year, which I can often replace with another one or two as they sell and I have 20-30 stock items like this. That means I may sell 3 - 4 of those items each week, which themselves only sell two or three time a year. But this money adds up. Now - if I were to have the number in stock showing, then it would look like I had almost no stock, while in effect I am running a low demand efficiently. But it would look like I had little or no stock for the purchaser and may deter them from buying. So please put the option in place, but please do make it an option (for the webmaster) to display that figure on the website for the purchaser to see. Many thanks....