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Allow site visitors to sign up as a Member

Moonfruit 5 years ago updated by anonymous 1 year ago 8 2 duplicates

Allow a user to set up a user account for a website.

Option for social log ins, customisable sign up forms and site owner/admin permissions to manage users.

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Future consideration

I remember on the old version of the website builder we used to be able to have website visiters sign up to become website members and view member only web pages.

Now we have to do it all manually! can we have this feature re-introduced please, I have big plans for one of my websites and this will be a key feature and I cannot do this with out it.

basic log in, blog and shop is currently not available on beta responsive page,

would we be able to have these features available also.

Thank you.

here here i want them back they told me summer 2017 we shall wait and see.

I would really like the ability to have people sign up to use my website too!

This ha been marked as future consideration,

but how long into the future is it going to be considerated?

I assume this will be part of the ssl certificate issue that the site is having as it states when logging in that its insecure! Im sure once websites have this feature they can sort out membership sign up? It would be a  great feature

Hi, is there any news on this feature as a shop website without the ability to have a login/account page is basically useless. paid fee's to have my site with yourself but this basically makes the whole site useless

Not planned


Thanks for all of your comments. I wanted to update this thread to advise that it is unlikely that the option to sign up as a site member will be implemented within our V5/6 editor. We are now focusing our development efforts on building features for our newer responsive editor. One of the main reasons why we are no longer investing time in adding new features to the older version of our editor is that it uses Flash technology which Adobe will be deprecating within the next few years, meaning there would be little long-term value for you and us. We want to dedicate time to improving the new editor which uses more modern technology.. 

We appreciate that many of our users have wanted this feature for a long time and we will definitely be considering a membership solution or password protected pages for the responsive editor in the future, however, I wanted to update you on this thread regarding the V6 editor so that you can make the decision that is best for you. If this feature is something that is imperative to your site, you may find that another provider is more suitable for you.