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How do I upload my SSL to my site?

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here is a question , when was the last time you guys had a actual product update?.

I wondering  if they are moving away from moonfruit.

you know they lumped me in as a sitemaker not moonfruit over 1.5 years ago or maybe more and did not notice, 

I never got any more updates or any responsive editor, and I used to get all moonfruit updates. its very clear they want rid of all legacy 3rd party sitemaker accounts and I wonder if the direct moon fruit accounts is next in line to rid 

I think  if standard moonfruit customers stop getting product updates , apart from the obvious  SSL , this would be obvious to me they are fading everyone out from  moonfruit ,

 I would not be suprised if they basically told everyone they had to move over to yell at some point and have no choice.


Dear All,

Sorry for the protracted delay in replying to everybody.  I have been dealing directly with one of the board members at Yell, via a direct mobile phone number, after this person made direct contact with me, me having stirred the hornets nest.

They have with speed resolved our website at threat of legal action.

Anybody wishing for further information on exactly what is going on can email me directly, and I'll update you



what is going on?

oops have sent a direct email...sorry should have read that bit first!

Thanks Craig, I sent you a mail,  but in case it bounced my email is Dionne@PuncturedArtefact.com

hi not heard anything back yet, hope you got my email, thx keef… esp as beside SSL their generic code around robot.txt is now affecting google search engines... currently a warning, my guess is soon to be a "stop"... this will take MILLIONS of websites out of google search... I have sent them an URGENT , guess what - no response  :(

well now I know the truth,  My main website I moved to wordpress,  Im learning as I go, but I really recommend  , if you by a theme from themeforrest -  great themes.

I suggest this as your in control of your site and can take anywhere , and all you need to do is 301 directs. you can use screaming frog to find all your URL to redirect

Its refreshing knowing you have complete control , oh and my site is 140 hosting a year ( initial year 35 dollars )  and  a one off 60 dollars for the theme , plus loads of free plugins. 

I did think about WIX, but they still own the site and you have to pay for all the extras and you generally dont on. wordpress

Im going to down load  all my images from moonfruit and ask for a refund.

disgusting how this has ended  awful people 


I spoke to Yell today and was met with a disappointing response. 

The person on the phone confirmed to me that MF is shutting down. She said they received an email about MF customers and how they can transfer to Yell. No deals available to transfer over directly or easily though. You have to buy a package and have an account with Yell and then they will transfer over your MF template. Looks like you’ll lose whatever deal you are currently on and it also looks like they don’t give a crap. 

I was on the phone for 50 mins and repeatedly asked to speak to a manager. My request was denied each and every time. I never got to speak to a manager and they kept trying to divert me back to MF who I told them are non responsive. They gave me a number for MF that was just names.co.uk and they couldn’t help me at all. 

I’ve messaged MF on Twitter and Facebook. Their response is pathetic. They have no phone number to contact according to the guy in names.co.uk. 

What a crappy crappy way to end my 8 years of service with them. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic customer service from Yell and MF. 

FYI you apparently won’t get an email updating you unless you are an account holder with Yell directly. What a sham. 

This is worrying, how much notice will they give us? I have already moved one site, but I have another site with hundreds of pages.

They must have thousands of customers and can't surely just cut the cord!

Moonfruit actually have millions of customers, not thousands but how much of those are paying customers its hard to say. I knew there was something funny going on because neither their Facebook or Twitter accounts have been updated since January so obviously things have come to a standstill. I'm . extremely worried though as I am a reseller and have 450 websites on a reseller account and I earn a good bit of revenue charging for hosting so if I don't get a reseller deal then my business is going to take a big hit. This is totally out of order. Absolutely shocking.

Surely they can.  I worked for the parent company.  It is well within their mode of operation.  Start your migration plans now before you are cut off.

I wonder if we  are entitled to refunds too

enquiries@sitemakerlive.com this goes thru to them


I emailed Moonfruit today to ask if the rumours of them closing was true and this is the reply I got:

- - -  START- - -  

Hi There,

  • This issue pertains to a management decision, hence we’re forwarding this ticket to Mark, who is the representative of Yell’s management. 
  • For your information, the timeline for a response can be a few days.

- - -  END- - -  

So as you can see It appears Moonfruit is closing and the fact this is being forward to someone at Yell suggests our Moonfruit account will be migrated to Yell and this is how we are going to get our SSL. My issue is that i run a business with over 450 sites on a reseller account so I very much hope I can keep that deal. But overall very disappointed that we have been strung along. 

Hi I got this from Yell CEO via twitter today when I asked him for comments re the Yell advisors saying MF was being shutdown , this is the reply ......  " Thank you for bringing this to my attention. This isn't what our advisors should be saying, I will ask our Customer Service team @YellSupport to contact you for further details so we can investigate and rectify any miscommunications. Kind regards" .........  BLAH BLAH BLAH , they really are just dragging their feet on any form of comms. If we can migrate to Yell, with their new builder (which seems to work better) and the SSL, at no extra cost or without any changes to the aesthetic of the website - i will happy. Pretty unlikely though


I am in the same boat. If you hear anything, could you please update it here?

Think about it, why would Yell/Hibu want resellers on their platform.  You are taking money that they want by having direct customers at much higher prices.

Hi, I am following all these threads as I have had no end of problems for months!  I'm like you, I have many websites that I have built and maintain and am really concerned that I may lose these!!  As this was 6 months ago, can you let me know what you have done since.


just saw a few comments on the yell face book page, an article  June 22, about ssl, the most scary thing is what regular yell website owners are saying about yell, terrifying  https://www.facebook.com/yellbusiness/  seems they  have terrible customer service and ripping people off 

the stock answer re Yell Business is please send us a private message with your account no and business post code, clearly as no Moonfruit customer has those (I have asked) they just IGNORE YOU... so shifting from MF to Yell is my book is a no-go (sadly!)


Exactly,  there is no Moonfruit, they skedaddled  without a backward glance at there customers, so people are dealing with Yell & if this is their responses, it gives you insight as to what you'll get as a customer, I've moved to Wix, it was a real pain and took  some time to do, I copied some over but thought I may as well create some new logos etc seeing as I had to set up again,  it's been a bit of a learning curve but i'm now there and just about to go Live, there customer service has been fine too. 


I know Wendy Tan White sold Moonfruit years ago but she might be able to talk to someone to get a statement out from Yell.

I sent her this message on FB, matbe you guys can contact her on twitter and FB too?

Hi Wendy,

Sorry to contact you and I know you sold Moonfruit a long time ago. Would you be ablee to use your influence to help the thousands of Moonfruit customers and at get Yell to provide a statement of what is happening?

Currently there is no Moonfruit support and there are a lot of people scared of their businesses being affected with rumours of Moonfruit closing down. Moonfruit has been left to close down with no communication.

Kind regards

You read my mind. We will be doing the same.  Thanks for the response. I hope we can figure something out.

sent her a message months ago... also the top man in this country (yell) and the main man at Hibu (who own Yell) sadly not one response... the Marie Celeste springs to mind :( but happy to try again

Im sure the press would love to know,  more strength in numbers, if only had access to other moon fruiters easier 

Well seeing as this site doesn't seem to be policed any longer, if people decide to put out their social media sites/Website etc, I don't reckon any one would notice.


I just created this group , I realized  if they close this ,  then no way of knowing whats going on from other people, I suggest joining even for the sake of joining if that makes sense, yes I created this 

im not  a reseller  

sadly nothing posted on there that I can read and likewise i'm not a reseller


Hey for a real laugh go look at the review rating on their Facebook page. Then go to Trustpilot that provides the reviews and ratings and compare them.  Quite a difference.  Moonfruit is culling old positive reviews to display on their website.  There are no any current positive reviews on Trustpilot.

I looked at their site yesterday , cant believe people can still sign up, scammers

there  is  a drag and drop builder website I found  recently that has an unlimited website deal based in Australia , if I find the company I will post here,  I need to go thru my  emails ,  may be good for resellers

https://www.imcreator.com may be worth a look and have options for resellers

it goes from BAD to WORSE...
Just in case anyone else has foolishly used embedded Photosnack slideshows in their MF websites I now having to download the lot (I have 300+) convert to YouTube videos and reembed in all my websites in less than a month.
Not a happy bunny, this seems to be the modern way to treat customers.
I worry (seriously) that MF will be next


We are discontinuing

Dear user,


was launched in 2009 as a tool designed to allow both technical and non-technical
people to easily build, customize and share photo slideshows online. Although
it was received with great interest by a number of users, the recent evolution
of the online media market, together with our long-term strategy for the entire
suite of Snacktools products have led us to the decision of discontinuing


Therefore, I
am sorry to announce you that starting today, you will no longer be able to
create new slideshows. You will still be able to access your account and use
your existing slideshows for one more month.


It's been a
pleasure to have you using our product and I hope that the journey has been as
pleasant for you as it has been for us. I invite you to check out our other
Snacktools products, if you haven't done that yet. You can access them here (www.snacktools.com)


Best wishes,

John Rad




Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt
First detected: 07/08/2018
Status: Warning

anyone else getting a whole stack of warnings from Google about searching via robot.txt which is disallowed generic code it seems in all our websites... hasn't been an issue until now with MF but can only assume Google have sharpened up the rules. I have written to MF but my guess is "they will do nothing - TOO HARD ;) "

I have now written 3 URGENT msgs to Moonfruit.... not one response... has anyone else had this google warning for their sites???? PLEASE ANSWER... I surely cant be the only person thanks

suggest everyone bombards @YellBusiness on twitter and by phone on 0800 555 444.


Sadly, I dont think that will do anything. It will go ignored. But you could give it a try. The CEO of Yell @richardhanscott asked @yelbusiness to contact me about the closing rumours (saying it was misinformation) but no-one has.  In the meantime we wait and research moving to another platform.

jumping before being pushed is defo the right move. Just not easy to implement quickly.

ive tried him and the guy at Hibu... likewise... still no answer!

finally got a response to my robot.txt error


Your request has now escalated to higher level. They will look into this for you and contact you soon.


Malathi from Moonfruit

interestingly they also sent me a link to their SEO write up suggesting I could sort myself ;) they obviously dont know it is generic code in ALL their sites that they provide


Anyone experiencing slow or time out issues today?


Yep - WEBSITE ISSUES | LOADING & VIEWING & EDITING | I am unable to load the editor , when it did load i got a 502 and 504 on some hidden pages I worked on yesterday that or it didnt even load the pages up and kept diverting to the home page, there are error 504 bad gateway messages across all browsers, I either cant view website at all on line or it takes forever to load the page up and when it appears , it is all messed up (jumbled and areas are the wrong scale). Today & every day I HATE MOONFRUIT!!

Just terrible. I can't get any frigging work done. 

I can't view ANY of my websites, what a frikking nightmare.


There is an unscheduled server maintenance activity being carried out, which will temporarily cause some of your sites to be down for some time. This maintenance activity is expected to last for another 2 - 3 hours. We will keep you posted with the updates. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Regards, Moonfruit Team

I've received an email saying that my annual MF sub is about to be renewed. I cancelled my subscription a few weeks ago! Be careful that they don't try to charge you even if you've cancelled. Namesco are sending me similar emails.

contact your bank they can stop the payment coming out, I would not trust them 

its interesting how they play one off against the other... when I asked MF for advice about GDPR they said namesco were responsible for that (haha) and sent me a link to namesco's own GDPR page... they either dont know what they are talking about or are very devious... I leave you all to decide! I would stop both MF and Namesco….

just had this response from MF... mixed info, maybe good on SSL front (may not) but deferring their hard coded robot.txt issue and letting yell management decide does not sound like good news

Hi Keef,

Hi, Our infra team curiously working on the SSL issue and testing is going on.This issue pertains to a management decision, hencewe’re forwarding this ticket to Mark, who is the representative of Yell’smanagement.
For your information, the timeline for a response can be a few days.

Thank you


curiously is a very odd choice of word... i'd prefer "busting a gut" ;)

Is this SSL thing dead in the water then? Has anyone heard anything?

idea for complaints, I just added this to the private facebook page I created too, Im. going to find the address to add to the complaints as they are based in the UK , not sure if everyone is UK based


Is this SSL thing dead in the water then? Has anyone heard anything? 

Not much to share apart from the answers everyone will have been getting. 

Message from support on 30 Aug = 

Hi There.
We are currently working with a third party provider to come up with a solution to Google. We are in the final stages of formulating the internal process to enable SSL certification and ensure your website is secure. 
This work is being pursued with utmost urgency, however we're not in a position to provide you a date yet.
Be rest assured, you will be one of the first to be informed when we can provide a date for the roll out of SSL.

Message from support on 16 Aug = 

Apologies for the delay. We are currently working with a third party provider to come up with a solution to Googles SSL change. We continue to finalize our process changes to enable SSL certification and ensure your website is secure.
We are in the final stages of formulating our process and endeavour to have this complete before Googles update. You will get an announcement ASAP.
Thank you

Message from support on 7 Sept = (regarding responsive shop & blog) 

Hi there,
As per now the development team has been set an environment to built the shop and the blog for responsive editor.

It might take a little time consumption but we will try to complete the features with in short span of time.

may / june/ july/ aug / sept... now oct... same old response from MF helpdesk... still in the final stages of testing SSL solution... my guess is maybe 2019 (start) or they really are doing ZILCH! lets hope its the prior rather than the later... I continue to be resoundly disappointed in MF but have too much invested to jump ship currently having spent 2 months replacing Photosnack (defunct... which is still an App in MF functionality)

Yell are trying to get all MF customers onto their own platform (Duda) - with the sales pitch it is secure (HTTPS). To them MF is only a source of new leads I'm afraid. The initial offer will be good, but once you are in contract with them you will have a nightmare leaving. Check out Yell on trustpilot and filter by 1 star, the customers who have been there for a length of time, not the ones who have fallen for the sales pitch and left 5 stars without waiting to see how their sites written in India perform. 

My latest update from Support, should anyone still be using MF ;) - " Regarding SSL we have gonna announce it very soon in the mid of the month and it almost done."

yep ive had that every month since may so lets hope its true, fingers and everything else crossed... because of my commitment I am currently locked into MF

when did you hear this?

This Morning (and they are still working towards a solution for the shop and blog to be responsive) 

Well its gone past the middle of the month and no news - how surprising! 

mmm, i chased yesterday -  this is al i got 'SSL is yet to be released from our end' 

helpful !

Has this worked for anyone? I have tried but its not working?

no but ill give it a whirl... is this SSN? if so why so low key and why are MF not shouting it from the roof tops?

Hi Keef, has this worked on your site? I have tried it on mine and its not working. I'm guessing its not been done yet. 

no good... all seems a little odd really, if it works why would they NOT announce it thru normal channels?fingers xed they sort soon

Hi Moonjunk, did you get an update from Moonfruit? Or did you find this in the support pages? Also has this worked for you? Is your site now secure?

I added the data, but it isnt working either. I screen shot it and send to support, although I am sure everyone may have done the same. If i get a reply I will let you know, thanks for the tip off. Maybe it is just a soft launch assuming there may be issues and it will be resolved this week!

Thanks I really hope this is sorted! Also why would they put this on if its now yet working! 

Hi, yesterday I received the following from Moonfruit in response to a question I had about DSN:


We were about to release the SSL certificate by the end of the month we will get back to you with an update.

We are currently working with a third party provider to come up with a solution to Google. We are in the final stages of formulating the internal process to enable SSL certification and ensure your website is secure. 

This work is being pursued with utmost urgency, Be rest assured, you will be one of the first to be informed when we can provide a date for the roll out of SSL

Thank you


On my F****** God. Moonfruit has made promises before. They said the same thing in April so I am not holding my breath! For a minute I thought this may have been actually sorted and would be finally seeing the green padlock we should have had months ago! Not good enough.

This was the reply to my DNS email:

Hi There,

The SSL certificate that you have been implemented is only for the domain and not for the moonfruit.com site and we are in the final stage to implement the SSL to our customers.

We will update you once it is done.

Thank you

This doesn't even make any sense to me! 

OK the end of the month is in a week time. Fingers crossed this will actually happen this time. 

anyone seen this ?? When you log in - https://httpsupgrade.moonfruit.com/dashboard/4011899251,  trying to charge me £104 for making the website SSL secure! 

You might want to delete that link - I clicked on it to see and could select the domains and it took me to the card payment page with the option to 'Make payment now' with a saved Visa card on there which I know isn't mine. Moonfruit security at its finest - I had to retrieve my own log in details to reply to this as I left Moonfruit at the beginning of 2017 but I still get notifications from this thread to my email address. 

has anyone felt this issue has affected there business, has anyone had a downturn 

I share everyones frustrations, I am sick of the whole lot quite frankly.... you get automated support replies back saying they won't be back for a few days , they reply with the bare min or non helpful solutions or there is no reply at all, the ongoing SSL nightmare, tools that still don't work properly (gallery, drag and drop, blah blah), things randomly stopping working (e.g light box for me),  I got told not to wait for a shop with digital selling functions but to pay a third party instead, rubbish blog platform, no way to formally complain or receive any refunds, no business critical dates, timings or planning, no forum activity (general radio silence)  ... the list is endless ... I am going to have to just bite the bullet and redo the whole sit on another platform over xmas, I waited a year for them to get their act together and my income has nose dived, and i spend far too long doing simple things (adding one images can take an age and may require 3 attempts) arghghghghghg

There is now a button on the dashboard which asks if want to upgrade security to https. Button isnt working yet though.

The button works but when you try and pay, it fails. I can only assume its not yet set up or too many people are trying to upgrade at once. What a f****** cheek though for making us pay. 

Please note that they are indeed charging per domain, not per site. So, if you have several domains pointing to one site or like me lots of domains pointing to many sites it gets expensive fast. And all this for feature everybody is offering for free as its the basic functionality that must be there for things to work properly at all. Basically they are charging us for their inability to follow the competiton. I am opting out and will be transferring all sites and domains out of Moonfruit.

Have you secured any of them? Has anyone managed to secure any of their sites?

No, and I wont be doing it at all. I consider this super late introduction of basic functionality for a fee extortion. Better to use few days to remake the sites and be done with it.

It could be worse guys, £27 per year to secure a site isn't too bad! Lets just get it working! :)

Not site, a domain. I checked and mine would cost £378/year and they don't even offer it to other domains I have pointed to the sites but which are bought from other sources than Moonfruit.

Yes but you only have to secure your primary domain and make sure the primary domain name is set as the sites preferred domain. This way your insecure domains will be over ridden by the secure domain which is always be in the address bar. This way you only pay £27 a site 

You may want to look at this - free SSL for ANY WEBSITE


I have used Cloudflare and it does work... however I noticed I was then unable to edit my website from the Moonfruit dashboard!!! Luckily there is a switch to redirect back  to http, so you could switch each time you edit, but its a pain in backside! I am seriously looking at going to WIX, however it means a lot of work and a shame that Moonfruit haven't stayed on top. I have been with them for 10 years! 

you cannot login to edit moonfruit sites using ssl regardless of which ssl you use. The solution for now is to not set up a preferred domain and just use the http address when you need to edit the website or alternatively use the moonfruit domain to login. I just can’t believe we’ve been waiting for an ssl solution and it’s been there all this time!

Payment is not working for me currently, however I see this as a great workaround and gives everyone time to move larger sites away from Moonfruit. It is cheeky to charge but we just have to suck it up for now, vote with your feet people! (I too have several domain pointing at one site)

I emailed support who have put the payment through for me although nothings happened yet! 

looks like Im not being offered ssl , when I'm got my domain in 2006, I had someone build the site for me , she had one of those contracts to be a site builder under Moonfruit, it seems they have put me under site maker, not moonfruit, I never even got the mobile friendly upgrade, I think I had all moon fruit updates and Im not sure but it must have been 2016/17 they must have separated moonfruit from sitemaker and I  never had an upgrade from then on, shame I paid for unlimited sites, so they basically have had money from me for free this year, such a joke. the sad bit is my business is going to close now, I have upgraded my main site to Wordpress, but I think I left it too late. and now have to close, I should have left a year ago, my fault with staying with these  morons

you can use cloudflare ssl to secure your website! 


Please let me know if it works for you

has worked a treat for me. My site is now secure. Https://www.kildarecounsellingservice.ie 

Considering their affordable packages I think the price is cheap. Just a pity MF’s communication strategy and customer care is abhorrent. Still can’t find better value anywhere else though.

Did you have to change the DNS settings or did it work automatically?

You have to make the payment and then change the DNS. Make sure you make the payment because if you don't you'll get a privacy error, no certificate found if you try and use the https. 

cheers, yeah i have made payment and changed the DNS, guessing it may take up to 48 hours to change

Yeah but took about 4 hours yesterday. 

My website has turned https, initially my DNS setting were incorrect and I logged into my domain support portal and corrected them using this help document. http://help.moonfruit.com/https-upgrade/domain-name-systemdns-settings

lucky me they just emailed to say the discussion is still on for sitemaker which is moonfruit customers about if we get SSL , 

Im guessing no one else here is on this unlucky train I'm on


by the way it appears we could have secured our moonfruit sites using cloud flare and it’s free. All you needed to do is point your dns settings! So I would advise anyone who hasn’t paid for 12 months to use cloudflare instead. In fact it’s the same ssl moonfruit are charging us for!

hi guys, struggling to get the site secure without the www. The help articles are different on mobile and desktop, one saying that the preferred address should be none and the other says www. Now i cant select www!

Working now, their support is shocking!

Finally happen! We have now SSL :)

How did you change your 'preferred domain' thing? I can't find that anywhere! 

Darren, If I remember correctly, It may be a simple as clicking the button OR reordering the domains. You need to reach out to MF and initiate a conversation with them. For most of us, the getting of the SSL certificate, is beyond either our experience and comfort level.

Oh I was talking to them all Friday to no avail. I kept getting auto-response this telling me to screenshot my dns settings to them, but I hadn't even got that far. I didn't know where the 'set preferred domain to none' thing could be found. 

Is it in the main moonfruit site where you go to edit your site? 

Just tried this on my site, paid and followed instructions but still not working as yet, moonfruit help didnt seem to understand what I was talking about, not https:// and getting certifcate errors atm

It takes 4-6 hours and the DNS chnage has to work. Try this afternoon and your site should be secure :)

By the way if anyone needs to edit their website, you need to login using http://e.gyourwebsitename.co.uk

Do not use the https://www as trying to login securely does not work! 

now seems to be working! - I think resetting my cookies helped



by the way it appears we could have secured our moonfruit sites using cloud flare and it’s free. All you needed to do is point your dns settings! So I would advise anyone who hasn’t paid for 12 months to use cloudflare instead. In fact it’s the same ssl moonfruit are charging us for! 

dont know if anyone can help... MF certainly dont seem to be able to nor names. co... ive paid my £27 for 2 of my sites, set all the other dns to none on moonfruit... they both appear as https BUT NOT SECURE... why, I confess I cant find how to set the primary / preferred dns on MF but thought that was always the 1st set up and that is true here, my sites are https://motorhome-travels.co.uk & https://serendipitygirlsdesignerdresses.co.uk and here are 2 screenshots attached , all help gratefully received so many thanks folks, rgds keef

UPDATE May have got to the bottom of this myself, the certificate(s) ive paid MF for via Cloudflare have an ERROR warning on them, I am a seriously unhappy bunny and will be demanding my £54 back if they don't sort pronto

alas I cannot read that warning...MF not back in until Monday Will keep you posted

The issue is in the common name the cert has been issued to.  Moonfruit sites are hosted on shared IP addresses and if you try issuing a cert to its domain name rather than IP address, it will throw up an error.  Cloudflare get around this by issuing the cert to sni.cloudflaressl.com and adding your website on as a SANS (subject alternate name - they can add as many as needed - like a wildcard cert but with more flexibility in sub and top level domains)....check out https://rentawebsite.biz and the certificate path.  It should be a quick fix but unsure as to how the cert was issued with your sites common name....unless I am missing something!

the error you are getting is due to your incorrect dns configuration. 

meaning? I followed MFs instruction to the letter, the 2 errors the cloudflare certificates highlight are listed below, any pointers in what I have done wrong gratefully received, thanks 

WOW - the helpdesk have been HELPFUL.... i've now sorted all my https://in-secures even tho' I paid the £54 for security, their pointers sent me in the right direction.
As a tip for others if you have any older HTML snippets which point to the http:// rather than https:// you need change them (and in worse case scenario) remove them

Hope it helps others, its been a long road but I'm finally there 5 months late, as they say better late than never :)

Come on Moonfruit your asking customers to upgrade and your not fulfilling your commitment. I've paid for one my clients to upgrade and nothing still no change. I dare not do my other clients upgrades yet that need doing. So embarrassing on both parties. I'm glad i have an understanding client. Your going to loose a lot of custom over this matter if not sorted. Names co have no idea they told me to ask you's to sort it out. I only asked them to double check the DNS setting as detailed by moonfruit to do the necessary changes.  

Any one on here that can write a walk-through on how to update the SSL certificate? I followed the instructions and now I cant view my site comes up as '403 forbidden' and not secure. 

Been with MF for years and now they are really starting to annoy me.

Hi Tom. I am in 'process' right now. Contact Moonfruit and they will help. If your domain is registered with another , they will or you must complete certain functions. If the later is true take a screen shot of the DSN record and email to Moonfruit. You will have to pick through this. Although, I found this frustrating it is doable. OK you have paid your ££ to MF and the DSN record has now been updated you need to wait for a couple of days, at least that was my experience. for it to show up. I still can not edit my site on Google Chrome or Safari. MF has directed me to edit using FireFox and that does work for me.

So this morning I paid £54 to make my site secure, received a page of instructions which I didn't understand part of (just couldn't for the life of me find the 'set your preferred domain to none' thing on my MF account... tried to speak to chat support as the page itself suggested, and got nothing but  copy/paste bot responses that were clearly replying to certain words in my messages as opposed to reading what I was asking for! 

I wish I'd seen this thread earlier. 

So it said to go to my MF portal and set the preferred domain to 'none'. Can someone direct me to where this is? I think I know how to change the DNS CNAME record on my Names account, but without this first part it means nothing. 


Having exactly the same problem.

hi I’m hoping someone can help I have been doing some reading and can clearly see I’m not the only one that’s cheesed off with MF. Anyway I used to have a resellers account now I’m on the 5 site package but I need more and I can’t see an upgrade anywhere. All my domains are through MF or names etc. I want to move and rebuild elsewhere but when I google resellers etc it’s not clear of a good company to change too. Anyone have any recommendations? 

weebly has a reseller plan.  good system.  more expensive than the moonfruit reseller plan.

sitejet.ion is a newer platform with flexibility for building and hosting with them or elsewhere.  not a reccomendation, just providing the info.

i am also looking at options to move MF site to.  I currently do most work with a Windows Web Builder package and then upload to a hosting account.