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Add more fonts or option to upload our on font

revolutionchild 5 years ago updated by Laura 3 years ago 8

Can you please add the font 'Diabolo Heavy'

Future consideration

can we have Helvetica Light please?

I would also appreciate this option. I want to use the font from my logo in parts of my site, but unfortunately not possible at the moment.

Agree with this completely. Surprised you can't do this to be honest. As branding guidelines go the use of fonts associated with a specific brand is essential for any website. I have this problem right now. I paid a fair amount of money to get my logo and brand done, and now I can't use the fonts I want :(

Me too, please can we have Helvetica / Helvetica Light or a very close alternative?

In Progress

Hi all, We are now working on providing a wider range of fonts and styles for responsive pages - including Light fonts. If you have any questions, feel free to add to this thread.

Hi, We have recently added a wider range of Google Fonts to the editor. This does not include light or bold fonts however. The status will be kept as In Progress until this is delivered.

I would like to add a new font - is this ever going to be available?