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Request for new modern templates

husseinkefel 5 years ago updated by anonymous 1 year ago 1

Hello! I'm still wondering why moonfruit are not making new web templates for so long now. Can you please forward my message to the concerned department requesting new modern web templates with full length photo slider on home page please. Thank you

In Progress

Recently, we have been focusing our development efforts on our responsive pages beta. We have added some new section template blocks to responsive pages which are much more modern, as they include some of our newest features such as animation and scroll effects.

If you haven't already tried responsive pages, you can do so with our demo or by adding a responsive page to your site.

Once on the responsive page, click on the large '+' icon to add a blank layout or to see the different template blocks under the 'Header' and 'Body' sections. Here is our general help guides for responsive pages if you'd like to learn more.

We are also working on whole page templates for responsive pages, so there is a lot more to come soon!

Let us know what you think.