Future consideration

Video Widget Needed!

coughlin 5 years ago updated by Priyansh Gupta 2 years ago 8

The reason many people like myself keep subscribing to Moonfruit is for the freedom - and expediency - to put on videos directly to Moonfruit. Youtube and Vimeo are irrelevant. Doing this directly with a small flash or mp3 video, onto Moonfruit, is a great convenience for the user and insures customer loyalty. Thank you for even one widget to play our uploaded videos....

I would also like to upload short videos directly to my website. For example, I want to put about ten short clips on my home page that people can hover over (they would loop round and round, and they could go from one to the other...) It's ridiculous to have them link to youtube or vimeo - that takes time, takes my customers off of my site, and looks unprofessional.

I love everything else about Moonfruit, but I may have to leave and redo my whole site because you don't support videos. In this day and age it's actually a really big deal. Please allow video uploads (even short ones!)

'Youtube and Vimeo are irrelevant' - Why are they irrelevant to you?

The problem with hosting our own videos is that they use a large amount of bandwidth which we'd have to pay for, and it could lead to issues like the us going over our bandwidth and content being suspended.

It's pretty universal to embed from vimeo or youtube.

For years and years, Moonfruit allowed video widgets. It is much more expedient to load a small flash or mp4 onto Moonfruit, than to do extra effort with YouTube or Vimeo. This is one major reason why I was a Moonfruit subscriber from the beginning. To many of us, YouTube and Vimeo are not industry standards and never will be. Part of getting our money's worth on Moonfruit is having at least one widget where we can upload directly. Or I will take my business elsewhere (and do consider the statistical significance of my comment. I am not the only one, by any means, though others don't take the time to complain about it.) This capability is part of getting our money's worth as annual subscribers. More than likely, a sizable percentage will still keep theirs on YouTube or Vimeo. But, clearly, not everyone wants YouTube or Vimeo.

Future consideration

We understand that some people would like to be able to upload their videos directly to their file manager rather than through a 3rd party service. This has been discussed and we are very likely to look into this more in the near future but for now we are focusing on other features as Youtube and Vimeo is still suitable for many people. We will update this post if anything changes.

I also would prefer to load videos directly. Time and time again I keep getting hit with copyright issues from youtube despite everything i use is my own content and vimeo slap their logos etc all over your video if you use them. before when we could directly upload it made the websites look and feel more professional. now they feel like amateur hour. please let us return to direct uploading Moonfruit as this was one of the main features I chose you for. Thanks :-)

I agree with the above I also would like to upload videos directly to the moonfruit website...I don't want to put any videos of mine to youtube. That's why I'm still on the old version of moonfruit..and not migrating to v6