Copy & paste sections, rows & columns

stevenhouse 5 years ago updated by Moonfruit 4 years ago 11 1 duplicate

At the moment only a 'duplicate' option exists for sections & rows.

If you've designed a complex section for example it might be nice to be able to copy and paste on to another page. I'm thinking of a copy of the 'design' rather than the 'content'.

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This is something we plan to add to make it easy to edit/assemble sites. I will update this thread when we start work on this.

In Progress

We are currently adding the ability to copy a section or element to a clipboard and then add that element to any page. We will update you when this is live!

Essential as it is, this function may provide a workaround to many of the present Moonfruit Responsive Pages problems. Please finish this as quickly as possible.

The development is finished and it just needs to be tested now. It should be released very soon and I'll update this thread once that happens. Thanks

Great, thank you -  it will be a huge help, best wishes

Hi Guys. Do you have an update on this please? Thanks - best wishes


I'm sorry for you having to wait on this feature. The copy function is still in the queue to be tested at the moment. I am pushing to get it looked at as soon as possible as I know it will be of great use to a lot of users! Thanks.

Hi, any news on this please?

Hi all, This feature is currently in testing so should be released quite soon. We will update the thread as soon as there is any news on this.

Hi, Please can we have an updated lime line -  knowing it will be 'quite soon' is not that helpful. I need to know if i should wait for this or bite the bullet and build the content from scratch, as I really cannot wait much longer. 


Hi all, The work to copy and paste sections and elements has just been released. Full details on the release can be found here: http://help.moonfruit.com/responsive-editor/getting-started/responsive-editor-copypaste-sections-and-elements