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the current navigation bar only allows the use of 'brand name' in the same font as the rest of the bar. however, i would really like to distinguish our brand from the rest of the text by uploading our logo in place of the brand name. will this be possible soon?

In Progress

This is currently in progress. We hope our QA team will begin testing this work tomorrow, which means that we should be able to release the navbar improvements soon (potentially this week) after we fix any issues that might be found during testing.



Any news on nav bar update? Including drop down function?

So, how is the nav bar coming along?

I'm really sorry to say that we are having to delay the release of this feature a little more. Our development team are having to refactor parts of the navbar work we have been doing to improve the logic behind it and to ensure we minimise potential complications when we want to do more work to it in the future.

I know that this will be frustrating for you (it is for us too). I will do my best to update you tomorrow as I don't yet know how much longer it may take to complete these changes. Of course I'll be pushing to make it available as soon as we can :)


Still waiting on the navbar drop down menus and ability to add a logo...Can we have a realistic release date? It's all I'm waiting on for my site, and has been for several weeks now. Getting increasingly frustrated with the delay.


The revised work I mentioned included adding a page organiser/manager to responsive pages (so you won't have to keep going back to the old editor to add new pages etc) - the work for this should be completed early next week and then there will be another week or so getting the enhanced nav bar to link to this. So I expect the nav work to be released within the first week of March. Really sorry again for the delay!


Hi Moonfruit,

Have waited excitedly all this week but still no joy :( any updates on when we can expect to see this??


So the first week of March has been and gone and still no sign of the new nav bar??

Yes, there has been some more work to do on the new page organiser following testing which is being done at the moment. We want to release that this week if all goes well and then the extra work needed on the nav bar should follow. Again, I know it is frustrating. We are a small team of less than 30 people altogether and we are trying hard to bring you some of these core features. I must sound like a broken record on this one but I'm afraid there's really not much else I can do to speed this up!


So realistically, it sounds like you're talking at least another couple of weeks. I'm no expert but I would have thought that wanting to be able to access sub pages from a nav bar is a fairly fundamental feature.

Yes that is likely to be the case. I definitely agree that adding sub-pages to a navbar is a pretty core feature and it is coming next. Some people have still been able to make use of responsive pages to recreate their site without sub-pages, but we'll try and get this out asap for those who need more flexibility with their page structure.

So, no possibility to use logo still, how do i add brand identity-log to my website then?

Hi, you should still be able to add branding to your website for now by uploading your logo as an image. Are you having trouble achieving that?


Well the fact that it drastically reduces the quality of your logo and limits the size of space, yes. I am having trouble.

Hi, is your logo in your file manager? I can take a quick look at it for you. Which site are you trying to add this to?

If I want a logo on the top of my design, I can't put it in the navbar. I can only use a background image which I have to make without knowing to which specs. Should I make the image 1048 px wide, or bigger? The header option takes up to much space for just adding a logo. I have to rethink how I want to make my website look and I have to create a lot more images to upload. I've used Moonfruit to create websites that can look anyway I want, but now it looks like I'm going back to boxes... my Dutch site is synnawebdesign.moonfruit.com and I don't see how I can recreate the website. Maybe it's time for a make over :D. In short, a logo in de navbar can it be done with a background image and if so, how big should it be if I keep my site at 100% auto?


We were finally able to start work on the navbar again yesterday. The developer working on this predicts that it will take around a week to be ready. I'll keep you updated on this and will try to post a video of progress again in a couple of days to give you an insight into how it will work.


Is this going to be ready before Easter??


I'm afraid it will not be ready by then. The work for the navbar has taken on some extra scope. Due to the nature of how saving changes to the navbar will work, we are also having to create a new save and publish functionality. This will basically create a draft mode for responsive pages, so you can save changes to your site in edit mode but they won't be made publicly visible until you publish the changes.

I know this is unrelated to the logo itself, but as I have mentioned before, some unexpected work can come up during us rebuilding a brand new editor which can cause delays. Hopefully this new draft feature will be useful to a lot of users too, though! After the bank holiday weekend, work will continue on the navbar in general and we will be able to update you. We may have to release the navbar work in parts.

Thanks for your understanding.


Unbelievable! So your work ethos is to start something, and then start something else, and come up with problems? Maybe instead of promising something, you should have done the publish functionality (which will be good) first! As much as I respect the work you are doing, I am appalled that you do things in such a cack handed way. I think you need to start thinking about your decision making, What is the point in us giving you feed back, when it seems that you come up with an idea that should have already been in place, instead of getting on with what we are asking!

Please take this as constructive criticism, and to hopefully help you in the future.There is no point in a re-brand when, if you carry on in this way you will start to lose customers.

Keep up the work you are doing, but please no more bad decisions! Maybe your all need a meeting from top to bottom to sort this out?


Hi, thanks for your feedback on this situation but I want to stress that we are not starting new work unnecessarily. We have a clear plan of what we'd like to achieve and we are working towards that (whilst taking your feedback on board). This involves adapting the work to achieve what we are hoping for when necessary. In this specific circumstance, it means we will be delivering a new navbar and a draft function as a 2 for 1 package! It was not originally something we planned on doing right now, but plans do change.

We understand that we can't cater to everyone's needs with the new editor just yet, and this may mean that some users need to leave. We have made good progress since we started this beta and we really hope responsive page users stay with us to watch it grow into something special.

I hope you all enjoy the bank holiday weekend :)

So any update on the navbar? Getting increasingly frustrated with the 'just a few more weeks, please bear with us' responses.

So, when can we expect the new navbar?

When on earth is this feature being released. This is becoming a bit of a joke now. You gave a video months ago with details of how to add the logo, but yet we are still in the dark as to when this is actually going to happen. If its hot going to happen soon, take it off the In Progress, because its obvious that its not!!! 

Personally I think you're making great progress with the Beta. I too look forward to the upgraded navbar, I was one of the first people to ask for it many moons ago, but there's no doubt in my mind you are doing all in your power to progress things for the best possible outcome, and plans must remain fluid in support of that. Into each life a little rain must fall. That's life, thanks and keep up the great work.

Thanks for your understanding Willygamble - very much appreciated :)

On hold/delayed

Hi, I can only apologise for the delay on the enhanced navbar at this stage. As mentioned in previous posts, the video I uploaded before was the 1st version of the new navbar which we were working on but then needed to change.  

I have not previously changed the status of this thread as I didn't feel like that will make a difference to the frustration you feel about having to wait for this feature (and the updates I was giving at the time was thought to be accurate), but I have updated the status now. There isn't much else I can personally say or do to help with this one at the moment (I would be repeating a lot of what I have said before) but I will certainly update this thread as soon as there is good news about this.  

Apologies again and thank you for being patient.

I just wanted to mention that other customers have used a workaround to achieve a logo in their navbar. You can add a navbar and then set an image background for it. You can create an image that is your logo placed on the background colour of your site in a banner type layout. If anyone would like any help with achieving this, let me or our support team know,


How big should the banner be? As getting the size right is important, otherwise its distorted.

I would advise trying a banner around 1200 w x 150 h. Try having your logo quite small at first, it might take a few tweaks to get right depending on your desired look. I would also advise increasing the spacing of each nav link so that the navbar is deeper too (don't increase the spacing of the navbar as a whole, because it will just add space around your background image).

Would it be possible to give the address of a site that has done this? Would be very useful to see what the finished effect looks like before allocating time on it etc.

Many thanks

I am aware of one example: lewesmarket.moonfruit.com - Hope that helps!

I just tried on my website and it looked pretty good. But the mobile view didn't look so good.

Wouldn't it be a good idea if moon fruit members could showcase their websites on here somewhere. Other members could then view them and draw inspiration from them

Thanks, it was very interesting to look at that workaround. I have opted in the end to place a logo on a separate row above the nav bar...this only works if you are willing to allow the nav bar to scroll with the page (ie not fixed on top)...but I can live with that. Otherwise it works pretty well...obviously takes up a bit more room at the top of a mobile display etc, but not too bad. My site is at http://www.keyracingnews.com/

willygamble. How did you get your logo on your site. Looks great.

I just created a section to sit above the Navigation page header section, and put the logo in that - 3 columns, logo far left and slogan far right. I made the space between that section and the header bar below nice and narrow so they compacted well in mobile view. Per my post above I found I needed to set the Navigation Header to 'scroll' rather than be 'fixed', or the effect didn't work properly. Having tried everything, I have found this is the best compromise available right now and have been very pleased with the result.

On the basis that the nav bar works are 'on hold / delayed', please can you provide detailed instructions as to how to implement this workaround for inserting a logo into the nav bar? I have no idea what's meant by creating an image in a banner type layout.


I gave some details in one of my replies above. I would advise trying a banner around 1200 w x 150 h. By this, I simply meant creating an image of this size in an application such as paint. You can open a version of your logo in paint, resize the white space to the desired size and add a background colour if you wish.

Try having your logo quite small at first, it might take a few tweaks to get right depending on your desired look. I would also advise increasing the spacing of each nav link so that the navbar is deeper too (don't increase the spacing of the navbar as a whole, because it will just add space around your background image). 

Let me know if you need more assistance with that and I'll be happy to explain further.

In Progress

Work to add a logo within the navbar has resumed and we expect for this to be released by the beginning of October. Development should be completed this week and then it will need to be tested. After that, we will be doing the work to display sub-menu's. I'll update you next week on this!

Hello any update on this?

I said this before but, here goes again:

Moonfruit seems to be taking too long to develop something that seems a very limited function.

It doesn't make sense to add na image to the navbar or even a name.

What  would make sense to me was that the nav bar become an independent element to be placed in the context of a section, row or column and this way to be placed in relation with images, logos, texts, company names or any other element that would also be placed in the same section.

If this section would be placed in the header, then it would be a costumized header for all the website.

Is there any update on this?  Thanks

Hi all. Due to some delays during testing of this feature, it wasn't possible to release last month. However, we are on the right track to having this released by the end of next week. This will include additional navbar features to provide even more customisation. Thanks for your patience with this one - we hope to post here with an update next week.

Hello, Any update on this. Do you see any more delay ?

Unfortunately some issues were discovered during testing of the navbar work. These issues have now been resolved and the navbar improvements should be ready for release at the beginning of next week. 

Hello, Should we expect this to be ready today ?


Hi all, This feature has now been released. Attached release notes and guide: http://help.moonfruit.com/announcements/responsive-pages/release-291117 

Thanks again for your patience with this one. As always, if you have any feedback please let us know!

Hi all,

I'm trying to add drop down sections to my Nav Bar - but to no avail.. has this or has this not been corrected yet..?


x8websolutions-block1 2 years ago

Hi, Any news on nav bar update? Including drop down function?

and if not is it possible to add a drop down menu using HTML snippets..? Any suggestions are welcome thanks.