Be able to add elements alongside each other within columns

Moonfruit 5 years ago updated by Bhagya Sri 2 years ago 9 1 duplicate

This will allow you to create things such as a social media bar by placing icons alongside each other.

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This should have been in the responsive pages section!


Yes this is planned! We know the current behaviour can be fiddly. Please follow this thread to get an update when we start work on this (which should be soon).

This feature would be great. Would it also include placing buttons next to each other? Loving the new responsive pages.


Yes it would involve allowing you to do this :)

Can we expect this update soon?

Really slowly but surely getting there with upgrading my site. Would be so great when I can have the freedom to move images around more freely like on a word document. Thanks Guys!

So I read that this was a year ago. I am still having an issue trying to get objects i drag into an element to sit left and right of each other, it always goes underneath other objects. Did the ball get dropped on this or it was forgotten or is it just too tough of a bug to fix?