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While I'm at it. I put this draft page at the top of my page list, and it should have been hidden, but was not. My work around was to put it at the bottom of the list, and as it's not on the menu so the public can't get to it. just a minor thing at the moment.

I have the same problem when I add a full page image. It gets cut rather than downsized.

Hi, whilst our responsive pages do automatically resize based on the device the page is being viewed on, there are certain decisions that have been made with the way certain things display in mobile view. For example, whilst we are still in beta, text does not currently resize but the text box that contains the text does adjust accordingly.

There are definitely some improvements to be made and we hope that this will be addressed by us offering you the ability to make certain edits for mobile view - this should allow you to adjust the size of text etc so things display better. We hope to start work on this very soon.

How long will it take, do you think?

Not sure right now. The developer who will work on this is just finishing up some work on headers and footers (we hope this only needs a few days more) and then they should start the mobile view work. Once they start they will be able to give us their estimate. We are trying to work through these features as quickly as we can for you! :)

Ok thanks. This has become quite pressing for me now, and I am in contact with a couple of companies about migrating to a responsive platform, so I will wait to hear for a while.


Hi there Moonfruit, is there any update on the responsive templates timeline?

I'm still seeing a lot of issues with desktop converting to mobile versions of the responsive-elements you provide.

  • Text does not resize from the large font on desktop to an alternative set value on mobile.
  • Images do not adjust their dimension - or ideally swap to an alternative for mobile version, what's the point of being able to add a huge 100% JPG background image for desktop, if you then ask user to download the same file (in filesize) for mobile? There needs to be an alternative or fallback.
  • The menu system you have provided doesn't wrap properly. I've a long company name, it's 30+ characters, this overflows in the navigation pane and looks awful when I was testing it the name is cropped.
  • There is no option to include margin on titles or text (I can fudge vertical padding using line-height but what about horizontal?).
  • There is no background image being displayed for Safari 5.5 (Windows) this is a CSS issue, as the line your application adds is "background: url(/_html5/assets/images/photo-00020.jpg) no-repeat 50% 50% / cover;" you need to remove "cover" from the class or provide an an alternative for Safari users.

I could go on... I'm sorry but really, and I know it's only Beta, your responsive templates are only responsive in the sense that they stack elements on top of one another, outside of that - nothing is responsive. I've wasted hours trying to figure out how to fudge it, or get a site to look "almost" how I want it, to no avail. Time wasted.

Please update us on your progress.


We are planning on moving onto this very soon. What are the main things you would like to be able to tweak/edit for the mobile view?


How soon is soon as this comment was from 5 months ago. The format is so ugly and outdated that I have switched it off. Things that were supposed to be out of view were still showing up.

You can give us multiple templates for the classic view and not even one other format in mobile view - that's crazy.  Pull your finger out Moonfruit! Give us background editing options, fonts, placement of text boxes etc. Let's evolve the dinosaur please!

Hi, can you please confirm if you are personally referring to the mobile view for responsive pages or for the v6 sites? This particular post relates to responsive pages but I noticed your site is v6. Thanks


I've noticed that video backgrounds don't load on mobiles (which its great, as it means faster loading and no data sucking). However, it would be great if we could pick a "fall back" image, that is used as the background when a video cannot be used. I've managed to do this (by accident!), but it would be great as a defined function.

Also, when I first started to play with the editor, I noticed that video backgrounds would run. on desktops and tablets, but not on mobiles/certain mini tablets. In the last week or so however, the videos have stopped autoplaying, and now display the youtube "play" icon on tablets. Can this be repaired asap please?

Thanks! Editor is really coming on leaps and bounds and your hardwork is much appreciated!

With any proposed update to the mobile view of a responsive page, will there be the facility to hide some images/photos from the mobile view and just leave the text? Do you have a timescale for this work? The responsive editor is working well for my webpages but the view on a mobile phone is very cluttered. Thanks.

Hi, whilst we aren't able to do this work just yet, we do hope that we will be able to give the following controls for the mobile view:
- Hide/show elements

- Scale elements up or down

- Reorder elements

I'm afraid we don't have a timescale for this at the moment, but it is on our road map.

the mobile views are so outdated and horrific that I'm actually considering moving away from Moonfruit to WordPress. Most people view on mobiles these days and if I can't have a professional view on mobile then it makes me look unprofessional! Please sort this soon. Its so old

Hi, we agree the old version of our software has an outdated mobile view which is not ideal. To offer something better, we created responsive pages, which allows you to create a site which automatically adapts to fit the device it is being viewed on (e.g. mobile or tablet). Have you tried this yet? You can read more about it here.

do you have a timeline on when this update will be available? thank you


Hi all, Mobile view can now be customised for responsive pages. This includes hiding, resizing and repositioning elements. You can read more here: http://help.moonfruit.com/the-responsive-editor/getting-started/responsive-editor-editing-layout-for-mobile-and-tablet

Thanks this is a really good enhancement, has made a profound difference to the the mobile view for key landing pages of my site. Keep up the great work.

Glad to hear it! Thanks for the feedback :)