Images when imported on the editor turn out different sizes. There should be an automatic image size option.

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Responsive pages is really good. But it's frustrating when I add images to my page and due the different image sizes they all look different.

I wish there was a feature where you can choose an Image but get the option to automatically match the sizes of the other images on the page with an simple editor feature.


If I have select body with four images with text underneath them. When I import my images they shouldn't change to different sizes with neither matching each other. All should be aligned and match in size.

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Yes, this would be extremely helpful, I have the same issues, or at least have an option to change the size of photo or image when adding.


Same here. I've solved the issue by sizing the photo elsewhere, and then uploading to MF, however it is time consuming and if we could set image size within the editor that would be fantastic.

Its particularly annoying in the gallery/slideshow fucntion, as one larger image means the spacing is racked up on the slideshow.

Also, could we bring back thumbnails? Its now impossible to do a "click to enlarge" style photo gallery.


We're definitely planning to add a resize/crop tool to allow you to easily edit images so that they can appear at the correct size for your galleries etc. We did some work on this before but we did not release it as it affected the editor's performance. We will be revisiting this though when we have done more work on the backend of the responsive editor to be able to support this feature. We regularly test and use the editor, so we understand how important this one is!

any update on this? struggling with some images!!

yes, where is there an updated, the post above posted over 4 weeks ago and yet nobody replied, not only rude and highly unprofessional, you stated that you were planning 2 months ago to allow the tool, is is ready?  If not, why not, are you seriously considering the comments of those that feed you.  Anywhere else in the business world  not replying to comments would be highly offensive!  We need answers and action now.

We do not have an update on this yet, as we are currently working on other features. The planned status means we intend to solve this problem, however, I won't update the thread until there is some progress. As soon as are able to start work on implementing a solution to help with image sizing, I will let you all know here.



Hi there,

Are there any updates you can provide us on this topic and when we expect to this feature to come?