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is there any timescale for this?


We have been looking at some options for a responsive blog and we hope to begin investigating/planning our approach in more detail soon (perhaps around June) when we have some other work completed. I'll update this thread when that happens to show a 'in progress' status.



It is now June, are you planning, investigating or now have a Blog feature?  


Any further on this? i would like a blog style page to add new software reviews to


We've looked into some blog options, however, at the moment we are quite busy working on other aspects of the responsive editor. We should hopefully be able to revisit this soon but for now, it remains in a planned status.

"quite busy working on other aspects" - do tell? Is it the long awaited nav bar drop down?? 

Realistically how far off is the blog - assuming it's months rather than weeks?



I'm quite a long-standing Moonfruit user, I've been through V5, V6 and now the responsive editor. I've noticed the increasing reliance on 3rd party modules for some things - like a shop for instance, and understand why that's an attractive way to go, it does make sense. 

However with a Blog it's maybe different - quality content it so crucial to web rankings we need blog posts to reside within our Moonfruit site, not an external one like Blogger, WP et al. So I'm concerned that in the pressure to get something done you may resort to a 3rd party host in this sphere, which really wouldn't be appropriate. After all, we can already link to an externally hosted blog now if we want to.

I tried to use the Blog element of the old Flash editor but found it's functionality and layout somewhat limited and behind the times - in the end I had to ditch it and go with a Blogger account, while pondering the future. Then the responsive editor came along, so hope is renewed!

I'm still using my Blogger site as a stop-gap which is fine - but what I would really love is to be able to transfer all those posts into our own quality Blog Editor. However it needs to be well functioned and designed, or it won't get us further forward, in fact that could be the tipping point which drives people to advanced blog solutions like Wordpress, who would otherwise rather stay.

I hope you take your time on this one, if you get it right or just mostly right, that would be a big step forward.

All the best & thanks


My last comment on this thread is still on moderation a month later... Any update on the blog pages for responsive? If not, is there a work around? Is it possible to add a non-responsive blog page and if so how do I go about this?

On hold/delayed


The blog is still on hold whilst we try to finish up our work on some other things, such as the Shoprocket integration and updates to how pages are saved and published and of course the enhanced navbar is an awaited feature which is higher priority than the blog. We know some of you are eager for a responsive blog solution, but there is no update yet I'm afraid.

When we are able to revisit this, we will let you know. Thanks for your comments in the meantime. It is still possible to add an old blog page to a responsive website, but it will still have to be a non-responsive page edited with the old editor. If anyone would like more information on how to achieve this, I can message you with the steps.


I've recently added feedback on the need for a much better blog, basically with the full editing functionality of a normal page as a minimum, but that comment doesn't appear on this thread.  Perhaps on another thread?

This is a long standing request from many but your (MF) responses are too vague.  It would be good if you can now give an update to the last one three months ago, above, and let our community know the target date to have a much better blog and a quick overview of the new functionality planned.

I see the comment by others about perhaps having to move to Wordpress if this isn't sorted or made much clearer soon and am of the same mind.  Come on Moonfruit, please be more specific and more helpful to your customers!

Thank you.

I would like the blog feature to be similar to wordpress, when you can easily add loads of info each time to a page and it stays within your template without having to make a new page from scratch each time