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Google Adsense

adrianenglish 5 years ago updated by jenahoneysnow 4 years ago 7 2 duplicates

Would be great if you added google adsense

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Future consideration

I feel this is a must and needs to be implmented sooner than later.

You used to have adsense in moonfruit V5 so surely the next version should improve on V5 not take away features?

Hi, the reason we launched the V6 editor was because it used HTML5 rather than Flash which improved the display of Moonfruit sites on different devices at the time. When we first launched the V6 editor, there were many differences between the features available within the V5 and V6. Whilst we added a lot of the functionality that was missing, we weren't necessarily going to be matching the functionality exactly.

We will still consider supporting Google Adsense in the future, but for now you could try adding your Adsense code in a HTML snippet on your page master (so it gets added to every page on your site). I can't guarantee that this will work, but it may be worth a go!

We just have to accept that it is not possible for them. Hence requesting that we add items to a forum. But at least its not "oh we're thinking about it,contact s in 6 months or next year. Or "that's our roadmap". Lol.

It wont, i already tried this. All it means is that you give companies free ads which can be nice particularly as you can filter which ads to permit via google but as you will know it would not be legal if google cannot collate data accurately in respect of the ad placements and therefore although charitable it is potentially unfair to both Google an its users who had not chosen to be treated charitably or they would not have paid Google to advertise.

I like moonfruit and have been abrest of the many changes since joining, it would be nice to make it public in opinion, had Google Adsense been possible on my site pages and particualarly with BBFC safe-site accreditation, it could have been nice to have been in a position financially to have achieved more with regard to the aforementioned.