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Member rights

coastalcreative 5 years ago updated by Moonfruit 4 years ago 7

Ever since Moonfruit joined the world with V6, I have requested that we have the facility to allow members admin rights in order that they can update certain pages if not the whole site?

Has this happened yet? I'm not sure if I've missed an update but if I haven't this feature is long overdue and an important one.


At the moment, you can make someone a site admin and they will have access to log in and edit the whole site (although some permissions will not be available, such as deleting the site etc), but this cannot be restricted to editing specific pages only. Currently, site members can only view restricted pages, they are not able to edit them.


We need this feature as well. Can you please consider to add such a feature please.


This feature was available in v5, and I can't believe it's still not being planned for v6. It is essential for sites with multiple editors (in my case over 100 "Group Leaders") and the only workaround I have at present is to train them to make their own editable web pages (using Google Sites - its easier thatn Moonfruit!!) and put links in to their pages. Crazy... After 8 years with Moonfruit, this will inevitably lead to my having to go elsewhere if its not fixed... such a shame

same feeling here brianjos,.it took forever for them to update., been with moonfruit also for about 9 to 10 years they are having hard time on adjusting to the mobile technology,. i still have faith on them,.,.

Desperately need this - have over 650 members and can't have them all having the ability to edit each others profile pages!

Not planned


Thanks for all of your comments. I wanted to update this thread to advise that it is unlikely that the option for site members admin/editing rights will be implemented within our V5/6 editor. We are now focusing our development efforts on building features for our newer responsive editor (which offers a greater tablet/mobile experience for your site visitors). One of the main reasons why we are no longer investing time in adding new features to the older version of our editor is that it uses Flash technology which Adobe will be deprecating within the next few years, meaning there would be little long-term value for you and us. We want to dedicate time to improving the new editor which uses more modern technology.. 

We appreciate that many of our users have wanted this feature for a long time and we will definitely be considering a membership solution or admin rights for the responsive editor in the future, however, I wanted to update you on this thread regarding the V6 editor so that you can make the decision that is best for you. If this feature is something that is imperative to your site, you may find that another provider is more suitable for you.