Social Media Icons in Navigation Bar/ Header Area

aimeelbell 4 years ago updated by Jim Harxmon 3 years ago 5

At the moment there is no way of adding small social media icons to the header/navigation area of the responsive pages as is the norm with most websites. I think this is vital for modern functional websites and need to be looked into asap.

Hi Aimeebell.

I've managed to do this by chosing a layout with multiple columns in the header, and integrating social links there.

same idea but with icons at the bottom of homepage on this site: http://sitepreview13.supersimplewebsites.co.uk

Just thought it might be worth suggesting! :) 

You can also try some CSS to implement some HYPERLINKS on social media buttons and add them to a html snippet.
The CSS can then be used to control where the buttons show.

For example the 'hamburger' button on http://pvfab.moonfruit,net can be placed well above the designated space of the html snippet itself but helps give the website a more natural look.