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Reviews tool

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Allow customers to review your products/services to increase sales.

Comment review and star ratings

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When will customers be able to leave feedback about products ?

When are we able to get reviews from customers ?

As there are many features that we need to work on at the moment, we are prioritising features that have more votes and comments. However, this is definitely something that we hope to add in the future. To help us start planning, what exactly would you like from this feature and what type of site do you have?

Future consideration

Reviews seem a high priority with customers looking through search results.

I have 2 sites, one showcasing products with links to a sales site, the other is a shop site for therapy provision. Both have a page where reviews are shown but would hugely benefit from a linked review facility where starred reviews are visible in search engine results alongside the listing. I'm currently looking for a suitable widget to embed. Even having a Moonfruit approved widget would be a huge help.