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Hi, We have recently added a wider range of Google Fonts to the editor. This does not include light or bold fonts however. The status will be kept as In Progress until this is delivered.

Hi all, The work to copy and paste sections and elements has just been released. Full details on the release can be found here:

Hi, Our website code isn't directly translatable to other platforms as is such with most DIY website builders on the marketplace. Even for those claiming to provide the export feature, the code may not provide the site in a format where it is importable to another platform without manipulating. Whilst we provide access for you to download your website content via the File Manager, a complete export tool isn't something we look to explore in the future I'm afraid.

Hi, Your sites appear to be V5 - previews are no longer available for V5 sites I'm afraid, however they are available for the responsive editor:

Hi, This is not planned for V6. In the responsive editor however you can insert content above another line which automatically moves the current content down.