Your comments

Hi, on Friday we released an update to the file manager for responsive pages.

Folders are now pulled over from the old file manager. You can add new folders also. When you upload an image, they display in alphabetical order, however if you go to the list view, you can see the recently uploaded files. We are working on more file manager enhancements!

We are also working on improving the navbar at the moment. The first bit of work is allowing you to add a logo to the navbar but we will also be working on sub-pages etc.

We definitely agree with your point about page management! At the moment, you do have to go to an old style page to add a new responsive page but we will be making the Page tab accessible from the responsive pages to make this easier. We will improve page navigation in the editor to make it easier to go between pages to edit, at least by adding something like a search bar.

To summarise, we understand your feedback and hope to be working to improve most of this very soon :) We love to hear that you are enjoying responsive pages!

Here is our latest blog post explaining how you can add snow to your site. Enjoy!

Hi, there seems to be a bug which causes the menu to overlap the text for these text boxes which I will report to our dev team. You should still be able to apply any changes to that text box, though. You won't see the text but can apply a link or style to it.

You can now add an image link by selecting your image and adding a URL in the right-hand side editing panel!